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Apples are highest in cellulose (a soluble dietary fibre). Their consumption therefore proves to be beneficial for gastrointestinal health.

Myths Vs Facts

Myth: Certain foods burn fat and make you lose weight.Read more...

Shopping, Cooking and Meal Planning

Diabetes: What are my food options?

Diabetes has long been viewed as a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism due to its hallmark feature of elevated blood sugar levels. Hence, a balanced diet, with careful attention given to the carbohydrates consumed, plays a prominent role in improving blood sugar control and other diabetic outcomes.

Your toddler doesn’t eat 3 full meals?

Worried that your toddler doesn’t eat 3 "full" meals daily - don’t panic! Many toddlers don’t. Instead they stick to 1 to 2 full meals… and that is perfectly fine as long as their nutritional needs are taken care of.

Nutritional needs during pregnancy

There is no dearth of information about foods you must have and foods you must not have during pregnancy. Yet it helps to understand the basics of why and in what terms nutrition needs are altered or increased. This will not only help you to choose the correct foods but will also help you to keep away from piling up on unwanted food.

Special nutritional needs for seniors

Increased life expectancy and longevity of the population is one of the important developments of the 20th century. Appropriate and adequate nutrition is essential to the health and well being of elderly. Generally the elderly people are nutritionally most vulnerable, primarily due to, age-related digestive problems and poor nutrient intake.

Help your child develop healthy food habits

It is a lazy Sunday afternoon and Rohan, who turned 10 last month, is enjoying his weekend. He has already won the car battle on the console and it is time now for his favorite cartoon series. Lata, Rohan’s mother, is however concerned about the glass of milk which Rohan has refused. She finally has the bright idea of calling for his favorite milkshake along with the fries and burgers from the neighborhood shop.

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